Saturday, April 19, 2008

Closing Blog

There will be no further posts from me on this blog. Thank you to those who have read and commented.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lace Revisited

The best laid plans of mice. (If you add to that statement, you are not familiar with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.) I started the Spring Shawl Surprise back when the first clue came out. After about three hours, I decided I really was NOT happy with the fabric I was creating, so I frogged it. (Yes, I did swatch, but the swatches contained garter stitch, not stockinette.) I waited for a Knit Picks order with smaller needles (to use with the yarn I had), and slightly thicker yarn (to use with the needles I had), but after traveling and having my bout with this year's flu (in spite of snorting whatever the new vaccination of the year was), I never got back to it. I love the border of the piece, but have since decided that I don't like the overall piece enough to make it (I think it would take me roughly 110 hours to complete). I may adopt the circular motifs to another project.

I also signed up to do the Secret of the Stole ii. I really do like the way this one came out, but with all the moving around I did in February, I never got to it. I didn't collected my clues along the way, so I'll have to buy it like everyone else -- well worth it. I may opt to do one of Nautical Knitter's other stoles instead.

I looked back over the blog and found my Socktoberfest goals. I finished all but one pair of socks, and those I won't make because I REALLY do not like working with the yarn. So I feel I can say that goal was achieved, better late than never.

I made it into Round Two of Sock Madness -- we'll see what that brings later this week!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Valentine's Weekend in Charleston

The biggest problem in not blogging frequently is that now I have SO MUCH I want to put in, I don't know where to begin! There's knitting & traveling & the antics of the kitties... and after viewing my Charleston pictures, I really want to study my camera more. I'm really just winging it here, and it is taking AWESOME pictures!

We met our friends Michael & Julia in Charleston for Valentine's Day weekend in 2004, and decided we wanted to do this every year. It is now 2008, and this is the first time we've been able to do it since then. Hopefully we can pull it off again before 2012...

We'll start with our tour with Beidler Forest. Absolutely beautiful walk through a swamp, which sounds far more romantic if referred to by it's definition of "a flooded forest." Appreciation for the true beauty requires watchful eyes, alert ears, and a tranquil spirit. In that attitude, you will discover some amazing examples of God's work, and maybe even a Madonna statue:We enjoyed looking at all of the knees the way you might look at clouds. We used a little imagination to find creatures including a cat, a bird, and a dragon.

Then we began to discover the real fauna with this Barred Owl:Isn't he simply gorgeous? I love raptors -- they are so majestic. Then we go for the sweet one:
Having a little trouble convincing my computer to let me zoom in on the Hermit Thrush (first attempts editing photos), but he's adorable nonetheless. They both posed well, unlike the Great Horned Owl we found driving back from the tea plantation:
At the Charleston Tea Plantation we toured the factory and grounds, and of course sampled the tea. In our "young" nation it is fun to walk through our "old" history.Lastly, I'll post the Saucer Magnolia picture. This is why we love Charleston in February:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home, for a little while

So, since the sixth I've flown to NC, driven to Forest, VA, driven to Dulles and back to Forest in an ice storm, driven to Charleston, SC, then finally returned to TX. We almost have everything in one place again. Almost. I visited seven yarn shops on my trip, and didn't buy anything in four of them. Yes, yes, I KNOW that buying anything adds to the stash, but I did manage to only buy yarns I have not yet tried, and the yarns have specific projects in mind. Really, they do. Tubey, Bayerische, March Madness socks, a sweater of my design, and socks of my design. See? Oh, I guess you don't. I'll take pictures tomorrow.

"Whoever said cats are reclusive must not have had cats who liked him."

The wisdom of my husband, as we are bathed in the attention of our two cats (and literally bathed...).

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2 weeks, 3 days...

... and no post. Oops. Let's see, what has gone on? I flew to NH, drove to MA, was down with the flu for four days, drove to ME, back to MA, and back to NH to fly to EP, TX. Less than 16 hours later I drove from EP to DFW. Had a meeting, got a job, watched the Superbowl (moment of silence, please), stayed up waaaay too late twice. Finished Monkeys, progressed on Felted Clogs, started Sidewinders, wound Malabrigo, received Wollmeise (yes, and the skein for Mom's birthday) and a Knit Picks order, which upon opening I turned one skein of Essential into fringe. (Note to self -- do not open boxes of yarn while talking to hubby. That wonderful man distracts me even more than yarn does.)

I'm tired.

I had big plans of visiting yarn stores in ME and NH, but since I lost more than half of my week in New England to sickness, I didn't get to them. Perhaps I'll be able to do a little store hopping over the next two weeks. (Oh, did I mention I'm flying to VA tomorrow, then driving to SC with hubby before driving back to TX?) If you can't keep up, don't worry. I am stumped on a regular basis when the cashier asks, "What is your zip code?" And since I make fairly regular calls to people in three time zones, I am constantly having to remind myself which one I'm in at the moment.

I suppose the silence must be broken with photos, so let me search my camera and see what I can find.
Ah, yes. Here is Sylvester. Once upon a time, Sylvester was a stray at the Fort Worth Zoo. He was adopted sometime between the ages of one and two by a military couple. When they both deployed in March, 2003, he was sent to spend the summer in New England. He attached himself to the man of the house, greeting him at the door when he came home and following him everywhere he went. Sylvester has never returned to TX. He lives a pretty cushy life, and has no interest in returning to the great outdoors, but it is fun to look sometimes... and even to make a paw print in the snow.On January 27th, I had the great pleasure of waking up to this:
Four inches of SNOW!!! It was so pretty! The birds were busy. I loved watching this Carolina Wren:The next day brought my trip to Maine. They received a little snow on Sunday, but with the previous snow, the result was this:Does this water look chilly?No, I didn't stick my toe in it. It was a little windy and I might have lost my sock if I'd taken it off...

Speaking of socks, look what was waiting for me when I finally got back to knit with my Sisters of the Wool:My Wollmeise order came in! Top is Spice Market in 80/20, middle is Emil (like the sunset) and bottom is Vincent. (Both Emil & Vincent are 100% superwash merino.) Emil doesn't look as neat as the others because I untwisted him for a color match check. They are all gorgeous. Also added to the stash is the Malabrigo:Very pretty, very soft, and I fear it will pill like crazy, but I will reserve judgment for when the project is finished. (The swatch is three strands held together.)

And finally, here is the oh-so-cool Sidewinder:The completed toe is on the left, the first half of the heel is on the middle bottom, and the second half of the heel is just getting started at the stitch marker between my fingers. You can see the ribbing for the top of the sock at the right, and the garter stitch for the calf. It seems like it will fit, which will be good news since I just found out the Monkeys are too tight for the recipient. She may have the smallest feet in the family, so I don't know what I'll do with them. The worst part is that I dyed that yarn specifically for her, and I don't think I have enough left even just to do the ankles of another pair. She loves the yarn and the stitch pattern. I don't want to frog both feet and ankles to get it right, but maybe that is the best option since I'll have to knit another pair anyway...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

That's Brisk, Baby

Yippee!!! It has actually been a little chilly here the past couple of mornings! The weather has been about the same for a long time, so it is nice for a change. (Low 40s at night, mid 50s during the day. Boring.)

STILL working on those Monkey socks, completely gave up on the TP scarf, and I've cast on a FT Felted Clog. Praise God we are still allowed to knit on airplanes. And woe be it to the person who misbehaves and has this right taken away from the rest of us. I will personally hunt you down, and prove that it is not the knitting needles themselves to fear, but the person wielding them. I think my travel time on Tuesday is nearly eight hours, but snow is predicted for my destination, so I'm prepared to face delays. I should knit those clogs, but I will cast on my hot pink Baudelaires for January Sockdown. I really need to get those done before the end of January because I plan to do Bayerische for February. Ninety-eight stitches per sock. Whoa yeah. I am anxiously awaiting my KnitPicks order so I can catch up on at least one of the lace shawl KALs I joined. Also awaiting some Wollmeise. (drool...)

For the 101 update, I have completed #54, #74 (Blue Harvest -- rather amusing), and made some surprising progress on #60 -- not surprising as in a great quantity, more unexpected and exciting. (Nope. Still not sharing what it is.) So, 97 items left.

Tried to upload a picture, but our connection isn't cooperating today. Will try to get some New England shots in this week!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Third Time's a Charm?

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